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SkyPRO II(USB Programmer)

  • Updated2016-12-12 14:44:57
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  • Compactness and portability.

  • Built-in self recovery fuse to provide ongoing protection of equipment.

  • USB 2.0 interface, the speed is up to 12Mbps.

  • Support rolling code chip(HCS series).

  • Support 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM, SPI FLASH, AVR etc.

  • Support mass production mode.

  • Support off-line chip copy.

  • Auto detect chip modles.

  • Software and firmware upgrades automatically.

  • Support for multiple languages, modify or add any language.

  • Friendly buffer edit window.

  • Support for Windows 2000、Windows XP、Windows Vista、Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 10. 

  • Universal programmer(Connect to Computer).

  • Offline Programmer(Not need a computer anymore).

  • The two position for chips is the same(If you put two chips on, both of them will be programmed).

  • Support STM32.

  • Chips Copy(24,25,93,spiflash,dataflash).

  • Card Reader.

  • Virtual COM Port

  • Support for multiple languages, modify or add any language.

  • Mass-Production.

  • TXT reader.

  • Video player.

  • Li-ion Battery inside.

  • High precision real time clock.

  • Support TF Card Extend 32GB Max.

  • Auto detect chip modles.

  • Custom Boot Animations and Splash Screens.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Win2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10。

  • Resolution: 1024*768。

  • USB1.0 standard of universal serial bus (usb) interface.

  • A cd-rom drive.

  • 64M of RAM.

  • At least 10M hard disk space. 


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